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October 5, 2011. Thank you. I received your Mold Legal Guide book just fine. Looks like you put a LOT of work into that subject! My wife has allergies and was subjected to many months of mold exposure in a “sick building”. The roof leaked and moldy ceiling tiles were coming down while water dripped into buckets. The dehumidifier was leaking and injecting mold through the duct work. We took mold samples and had them diagnosed. A strong presence was documented. Nothing was done for the longest time, and then it was just a superficial wipe down. Her body system broke down and she has lost much time from work, had developed asthma and extreme sensitivity. She can no longer go outside, let alone open our windows to regulate the home temperatures.

She was transferred to a “new” building, and slowly began deteriorating again. A leak was found here too, but not nearly so bad. The doctor ordered her off work for six weeks. Upon returning, she had a headache within 10 minutes, and started passing out after two hours. Her allergy doctor was only a few blocks away, and she headed there. She passed out as she approached the building and was startled awake as she hit the door. Allergist knew she was coming, and had epipen waiting. They gave her 5 doses! And after 45 minutes on oxygen, she had a saturation level of only 11% !!!!! All this in a STATE FACILITY building !!! The response we are having is dismal. They simply ignore us. Want her to quit, or go on disability.

Ultimately, we have learned, the original building was abandoned. We have retained an attorney, but often I feel that she is not really attuned to the mold issue. Seems that not many people, even doctors have any idea what can happen once one’s immune system has been compromised. This is a VERY frustrating, brick wall, uphill experience and has completely changed our lives. Thanks again for the Mold Legal Guide. Hope we can glean some bits that will make a difference in this case.

A. I'm sorry that your wife has suffered so much because of workplace mold.  As you already know, most attorneys are mold ignorant.  You should buy an additional copy of my Mold Legal Guide for us to deliver by email attachment to your attorney so that she will be much more knowledgeable about mold legal issues.   May I also suggest that you also buy two copies of my book Mold Health Guide, one copy for you and your wife, and one for your attorney.
The books are available for email attachment delivery from http://www.moldmart.net.  Because your wife's mold sickness happened at work, the most likely legal remedy your attorney will find helpful is to do what your wife's employer is thinking about---your wife's going on disability. But not just Social Security Disability, but for your attorney to consider helping your wife file a worker's compensation claim against the State..  In most states, workers' can only make claims against an employer for employment-health caused problems through each state's worker's compensation program, and there is a bar against non-worker's comp lawsuits against an employer.  Ask your attorney to research about how to win a worker's comp mold case against her employer. If I can be of further help to you and your attorney, I am here to serve you, Phillip Fry, Certified Environmental Hygienist

To ask your mold law question, please email mold expert Phillip Fry phil@moldinspector.com.

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