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What To Do If Your Home or Property Seller Failed To Disclose Mold Problems

MESA, ARIZONA. Real estate sellers frequently fail to disclose serious and hidden mold infestations to prospective buyers.  The Mold Investigation Bureau can help home and property buyers who have been taken advantage of by such non-disclosing sellers.

In its new service to buyers, which premiers on Nov. 1, 2012,  the Mold Investigation Bureau can:

(1) document your home or other property's mold infestation problems with professional mold inspection, testing, and inspection reports;

(2) send its investigative mold report to the seller, along with a request for the seller's financial assistance to pay for safe and effective mold remediation of your moldy house or other building, plus any expenses you have incurred such as temporary hotel quarters and medical mold testing and treatment for you and your household members;

(3) work with the seller to make sure that the necessary mold removal and mold remediation is done properly and safely, including doing clearance mold testing;

(4) in the event that the seller refuses to pay you for the required mold remediation and for your additional expenses, the Mold Investigation Bureau will post on its internet website Home Selling and Buying the full details of your mold problems with the seller, along with the seller's full name and the moldy property's physical address.

In addition, the Bureau will provide you with the names and contact information for three mold attorneys practicing mold and environmental law in your state. Then, you will take all of your mold problem documentation to the attorney to hire the attorney either on a contingent fee basis or a fee-for-service-rendered basis.

To ask for help from the Mold Investigation Bureau, please email Phillip Fry phil@moldinspector.com or phone Phillip 1-480-310-7970.

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